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I am a PhD scientist from the University of British Columbia and Harvard University.  Here I will provide you with the best information that I can find on health and science. You can be assured that anything found on this website will only be the very latest and best in health and science.  was  founded by Dr. Kevin A. Figueiredo, PhD in 2014  to  provide a platform  for  expression  of  insights  on  cancer  research  and  health  science.    The  primary objective of is to focus on science and health.

As you browse the site you’ll find tons of great content on health science and the science of disease conditions as well. In the main navigation menu, you’ll find PhD thesis, medical science books and journal articles. Most frequently updated content is on the blog available on homepage which features multiple health science topics including nutrition, vitamins, and biomedical science topics including health & disease. On the blog, you’ll also find some of my select lectures on health sciences and biomedical sciences.

So check the blog regularly for updates, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have comments or questions.