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Biotech Calculations

On this page you can download my Biotech Calculations Excel Files for free. If you are working in a research lab that requires substantial RNA and protein quantification and analysis, then these Excel files will greatly assist you with rapid and accurate calculations.

Tips for using Excel file:

Most of the files have two tabs: one tab with an Example and one tab for Your Calculations. To avoid creating errors in the Excel formulas, it is recommended to input data only in the ‘Your Calculations’ tab, and only in the colour coded grey boxes.

You can also learn the equations and formulas required for the calculations by double clicking in various cell boxes. Then press the ‘Enter’ key to exit the cell box. If you are unsure how a formula is calculated, or to help you practice your calculations on paper with a calculator, then just double click on a cell box to view the formula equation. You can also double click on data points of graphs in the Excel files to learn how they are created.

Note: Excel files from this website are for personal use only. For commercial usage, please contact the author for copyright permissions.