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Before Cancer – A Manual For Healthy Living Based On Science

  First Edition
      published digitally    –   April 2016
      published in print     –   April 2016

            by Dr. Kevin A. Figueiredo, PhD

The fundamentals of health science from a scientist’s perspective. Health science and a better understanding of the science of health can help all of us minimize our risks of getting diseases such as cancer.  Health science begins with genetics and environmental factors, and it may continue with the mind-body connection. A new field of epigenetics is described as a responsive interface that directly connects what we eat to what our bodies eventually become. Nutrition and exercise recommendations are provided for promoting healthy living and well-being.  In addition, guidelines of health science are outlined which can assist the reader in achieving optimal health throughout life.

Terminate Cancer – A model of viral infection and immune response as a potential means to treat cancer

  First Edition
      published digitally    –   Nov 2014
      published in print     –   July 2015

            by Dr. Kevin A. Figueiredo, PhD

This book will define cancer and the immune system from a scientist’s perspective. Learn about cancer immunology and what viruses can teach us about the immune response. Learn the important implications that this frontier science has for cancer patients.

Although oncology and immunology have classically been considered distinct fields, Terminate Cancer introduces them as inseparable in the emerging field of cancer immunology: the new frontier of cancer treatment.